When gender and sex identity is up for discussion at Walgreens

Writing Humbuggery

I took a trip to my friendly neighborhood Walgreens tonight for a few necessities: antibacterial soap for my new tattoo, deodorant and a variety pack of tampons. I took my goods to the cashier and enter my phone number in the hopes of saving some pennies on my purchase. Naturally, my name pops up on the screen, seen by the guy behind the register.

« You’re not Catherine. »

« Yeah I am. You wanna see my ID? »

« No. But you’re [mumble] [mumble] Catherine [mumble]  not….[something] [something]. »

And then he mumbled some more stuff, which I promptly ignored as I swiped my card. I was unfazed. I am used to people being unwilling to accept that I am female.

This was merely a blip in a long line of stories I’ve got that challenge what people think is « female. » And it wasn’t the only time it happened at a Walgreens.

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